Cloth Cat Stage

In partnership with Cloth Cat we bring music to the top of the park to entertain you whilst you browse the Bazaar.

The Big Easy (3:55-4:35pm)

The Leeds-based six-piece will bring the sounds of swing of New Orleans to Cross Flatts Park. Their exciting, no-nonsense music will get your toes tapping and onto the dance floor.


Fusion  (3:00pm)

A world of acoustic sounds from Africa, Asia and Europe.


Makanitza  (2:05pm)

Makanitza play Eastern European and Roma Gypsy music with a distinctive Leeds accent. Makanitza play this vibrant music with  passion and dedication, playing music from the vast wealth of Romani and Eastern European songs and dances to create unique and personal interpretations.


Songo Drumming Project (1:10pm)

… togetherness is the rhythm of the community! The Songo Drumming Project is a performance based group of drummers and percussionists who have found common ground in their love for African based rhythms, song and dance.



Mazurka Heartbeat  (12:15pm)

Get ready for some exciting folk dance music from Poland.

Mazurka Heartbeat

Organised by and for local people to celebrate the life and diversity of our community

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