Main Stage

We’ve got a great afternoon of entertainment for you on the main stage, which is located near the big playground, facing the Watsonian Pavilion …

12:05pm  Roundhay Ukulele Group

Formed in 2013 in a kitchen Roundhay, Roundhay Ukulele Group has expanded over the years and is now one of the largest community ukulele ensembles in Leeds. Welcoming adults of all ages and musical experiences, our weekly sessions are full of fun, music and sunshine! RUG love to play our favourite songs on the ukulele; from ABBA to Queen, from The Beatles to Meatloaf, you’re bound to be singing along with us in no time. Fancy joining us? We welcome new players email

12:50pm  Manouche North

Manouche North was formed in 2019. They are a collective inspired by swing music, the music of Eastern Europe, Klezmer and the hot club music pioneered by Django Reinhardt and Stefan Grapelli.
They play a mixture of fast energetic Manouche style music, some romantic swing numbers and the emotional dances of Eastern Europe.
Their performances are great fun and inspire the audience to remove their shoes and spontaneously dance.

1:55pm  Nii Kwartey Owoo and the Asasaa Ensemble

Asasaa Ensemble plays electrifying highlife music, infused with global and afrocentric sounds. Led by Nii Kwartey Owoo, the arrangements and vibrant rhythms create infectious joy which will keep you on your feet.

3:10pm  Majesty

Playing an infectious blend of roots, reggae, soul, with sets consisting of inventive covers and catchy originals. Fronted by the powerful, soulful vocals of Hayley Gaftarnick and backed by an incredible band.

4:10pm  To be announced soon



Organised by and for local people to celebrate the life and diversity of our community

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